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Uses for Under Cabinet Lighting
Typically, you'll find under cabinet lights used as kitchen light fixtures. Whether you're mixing, shredding, slicing, or dicing, having task lights in the kitchen creates a space where cooking is easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Under kitchen cabinet lighting can also be a nice accent to your decorating scheme.

However, they are not just for kitchen countertop lighting. The bright, focused illumination from an under cabinet light's slim profile is also ideal for offices, work stations in hospitals or doctor's offices, bookcases, shelving, and more. Basically, it excels as an application in any area where you need task lighting and want the look to be contemporary and subtle. So, whether you need LED under counter lights for a kitchen or some other space, we have what you are looking for.

Heard of these light fixtures by another name, and wondering if you've come to the right page? Under cabinet lights are also regularly referred to as under counter lights, undermount lights, under the cabinet lighting, task lighting fixtures, kitchen under cabinet lighting and under cupboard lighting.

Energy Efficiency

If your main priority is to find the light fixture that uses the absolute minimum amount of electricity, you will want to check out our LED under cabinet lights. You'll find light fixtures that use as little as 5 watts of electricity.

Efficiency is a general term that can be measured in a few different ways. For example, you might compare the amount of light output per watt of energy consumed. In fact, the term for that is efficacy. Our fluorescent under cabinet lights have the best rated efficacy out of our selections, so we consider them to be incredibly efficient as well. These under cabinet lighting options deliver impressive light output while consuming very little energy.

Keep in mind that using a dimmer will maximize efficiency of your light fixture as well. If you select a xenon light fixture and install it with dimmer switches, you will decrease your energy use significantly, while adding a lighting feature that enables you to control the ambiance!